Care Information

With proper care, the item you have purchased will stay vibrant and beautiful for years!

When available, please follow the manufacturers' care instruction tag on the inside of your garment.  Always use GENTLE DETERGENTS on your garment too!

I utilize primarily Rayon, Cotton, and Bamboo fabrics in my items, and these must be handled delicately for long term enjoyment. 

If no tag is in the garment, please wash your item COLD, with GENTLE DETERGENTS (no oxy/peroxide or bleach detergents) and hang or lay flat to dry.

Occasionally an item will be extra delicate, usually due to the nature of the fabric of the garment.  In the case of an extra delicate item, I will include a special care card inside of your package with washing instructions. 

Also PLEASE CONSIDER using a lingerie bag to wash your dyed items in, particularly if they are made from Rayon or Bamboo, as these fabrics will easily tear or get tangled around other items in your washer when wet.